How do I view my Trezor private keys?

You can't view your Trezor private keys for each asset! This is normal.

Trezor does not show you anything other than your secret recovery phrase. This is because all private keys your Trezor device generates is stored locally on your device and never leaves it. This allows you greater security to store your private keys safely for you and therefore, you cannot view it.

Instead, Trezor gives you a 12, 18, or 24 word secret recovery phrase which is the master key to all of your private keys held on the Trezor device. Each private key for each asset is actually mathematically derived from this secret recovery seed so by having your secret recovery phrase, you can always have access to all of your private keys on your Trezor device.

You can view your secret phrase when you first set up your Trezor device.

Just like with the secret Exodus 12-word phrase, your Trezor 12, 18, or 24-word phrase should be kept off of any digital device and stored in a safe place where it cannot be damaged, lost, or stolen.

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