Mobile: How do I link my desktop and mobile wallets?

Linking your mobile and desktop wallet makes accessing your assets on the go a cinch!

If you already have a mobile wallet with funds in it and want to restore your mobile wallet onto Exodus Desktop, you can find a tutorial here.

If you already have Exodus desktop and want to sync it with Exodus Mobile, please watch the video or keep reading.

WARNING: This process will overwrite your current mobile wallet. If you have a mobile wallet with funds in, send all its funds to Exodus desktop before syncing the wallets.

If you currently hold funds in Exodus Desktop, you can sync all assets supported by both Exodus Desktop and Exodus Mobile. 

Don't be shocked if the fiat value balance is different between both applications! Desktop-only supported assets will not appear in the mobile application. Exodus will maintain its continual development cycles with mobile just as it has with the desktop and we will be working toward adding more assets to Exodus Mobile as quickly as we can.

Open your Exodus wallet on your desktop computer.
Make sure you have already gone through the backup process and set a password on your desktop computer.
Once you have ensured you have already gone through the backup process and set a password, please click on the Backup tab on the left and you will see there is an option for  Pair With Mobile then please click on View QR Code.
Enter your wallet’s password to unlock the QR code.
Now go to your mobile device. Please make sure you have Exodus up to date. If it is not up to date, please go to the respective App Store or Google Play Store to download the latest updates.
Once you have opened the app please tap the profile icon in the bottom right that looks like the silhouette of a person.
With your profile open, please go to Settings > Restore > Pair with desktop.
Now your camera will open up to allow you to scan the QR code from your desktop.
Point your Mobile camera at the QR code on your desktop screen to scan it.
You will then be prompted on your desktop to confirm 2 words, check the 2 words match the words displayed on your mobile device.
Confirm the request on your desktop.

Now your Mobile should restart and load your desktop wallet. Which means you are done!

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