Mobile: How do I send crypto?

Quick access from the Portfolio:

From inside the wallet:

Sending coins to your wallet can be accomplished in just a few simple steps! Let’s go through them together:


Open Exodus and tap the wallet icon in the bottom-left corner.


Scroll to find the asset you’d like to send, and tap on the asset:


Tap the outbound arrow tab on the left side of your screen.


At the top of your screen, you can enter how much you would like to send. You can write this in USD or in the asset's value.


Tap on the Send To field to paste the address you'd like to send to:


Or, you can use the QR reader by clicking on the QR icon in the upper-right corner.


Then click the Next button.


Review your transaction, and slide the arrow to send your coins.


If your wallet is secured with a passcode, TouchID or FaceID, you will need to authenticate before your funds are sent.

Voila! You just sent your transaction

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