Mobile: How do I exchange?

 Exchanging in Exodus mobile is just as fluid and quick as exchanging in Exodus desktop.

From the menu:


Open Exodus and tap the bottom, center icon with the arrows.


You will be taken to the exchange screen where you will select which assets you want to swap.


Tap the icon ticker to select the asset you wish to trade for, and the asset you wish to receive.


Enter how much you would like to exchange, or use the MIN, HALF, and ALL buttons to automatically fill in the amount.


The rates displayed are live market rates. What you see is what you'll get. If you are happy with the details, tap Exchange.

Your requested asset will arrive shortly! You can safely close Exodus if you wish. You can view the status of your exchange by tapping in the upper right-hand corner of the exchange screen to open your Order History Drawer.

Quick access from the Portfolio:

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