What devices and OS does Exodus Mobile support?

Exodus for iOS is now live on the Apple App Store!

Get a preview of the app, see a list of supported assets, and find a download link here: https://www.exodus.io/mobile/

Exodus mobile is supported on iPhone SE, iPhone 5s and above running iOS 9.0+. 

iPod and iPad are not fully supported at this time. 

What about Android?

Exodus Mobile for Android is currently in development.

Please note that until we have confirmed the release of an Android mobile application, you should regard any mobile wallet on the Google Play store claiming to be Exodus as fake. Do not give your 12-word phrase or private keys to any mobile wallet posing as Exodus.

Write to us at support@exodus.io if you suspect a fake app popping up in Google Play Store.

While a desktop wallet offers a lot of solid features, nothing beats the convenience of carrying around your digital assets in your pocket! We understand how important it is for you to check your portfolio, exchange your assets, and pay invoices while on the move. After all, we are with you in pushing for a revolutionary change in the current financial system!

We are actively working on an Exodus mobile wallet for Android devices. While we aren't spilling the beans on the release date, we can promise you that we will only release once it meets the solid user-experience standards set by the Desktop Wallet.

You can stay in the know by subscribing following us on social media. The platforms where we have a presence are listed on our contact page.

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