Monero: How do I view my balance on the blockchain?

Monero is considered a privacy coin and therefore transaction details will be hidden for anyone looking on the block explorer with only the Monero address.

Monero has two sets of keys:  view keys and spend keys

Public View and Public Spend keys

These keys are contained and generated in each Monero public address. They are public by default and required to send and receive funds on the XMR network.

Private View and Private Spend keys

Private Spend keys are like any other private key in cryptocurrency: They are for your eyes only and should not be shared with anyone! This key represents control of your funds and should be treated with the utmost care.

Private View keys, however, serve a different function. Monero's blockchain is said to be "private, but optionally transparent." This is where the Private View key plays a role, as sharing it along with your address can display all incoming transactions to this address. It is safe to share the Private View key with other parties, but doing so will compromise the privacy inherent to Monero, so take care in who they are shared with. This is akin to sharing your extended public key in Bitcoin.

From Moneropedia:

Every Monero address has a private viewkey which can be shared. By sharing a viewkey, a person is allowing access to view every incoming transaction for that address. However, outgoing transactions cannot be reliably viewed as of June 2017. Therefore, the balance of a Monero address as shown via a viewkey should not be relied upon.

Exodus allows you to see individual transaction details inside your wallet as well as look up individual transactions on the blockchain as individual transactions, but not their amounts or the addresses involved. Please note that as of April 2019, Monero block explorers do not support searching by Private View key and require a "watching only" wallet configuration to inspect. 

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