How do I view my Secret Recovery phrase?

If you've already gone through the backup process and want to view your secret 12-word phrase, you need to log into Exodus with your password.

The 12 words (your “seed” or secret recovery phrase) are your master seed that generates all your wallet’s addresses and private keys. In other words, with this secret phrase, ANYONE can access your wallet’s funds anytime and anywhere from Exodus or another wallet.

For this reason, do not store your secret 12-word phrase in any digital format, such as a screenshot or picture on your phone, a document on your computer, USB drive, or in the cloud (e.g. Dropbox), an email, etc.

Hackers can access digital files and information, but they can't access an old-fashioned piece of paper!

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Open Exodus and enter your password. 
Click the Backup tab and View Recovery Phrase.

A warning will display and you will need to confirm you want to see your 12-word Secret Phrase. Confirm that you understand the risks by clicking the checkbox and the  Show Secret Phrase button. Do not reveal the 12 words if you are in a public location, on public WiFi, or if there is a chance anyone can see your screen.


Open your Profile by tapping the the person silhouette icon in the lower right corner of your screen.
Tap Security
Tap Backup

Make sure nothing (people, cameras) is around to peep your secret recovery phrase. Anyone with your secret phrase can access your funds from anywhere at any time. They will not require your phone, nor any passcodes you may have set. Your 12-word recovery is the master key.

Tap View Secret Phrase if you are ready and able to write these magical 12-words down on paper and store them in a secure and private location.

Leave your finger on the Press and Hold to Reveal button to see your secret 12-word recovery phrase.

Do not take a screenshot of your 12-word secret phrase. Do not create a digital copy or store it on a computer where it will be at risk of getting snagged by malware and hackers. Write it down on paper.

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