BitTorrent (BTT) Airdrop

The airdropped BitTorrent (BTT) tokens can be received and stored at your Exodus Tron (TRX) address.

However, as a general rule, Exodus does not support airdropped tokens which means you will not be able to manage BitTorrent (BTT) tokens directly in your Exodus wallet.

Exodus has strict standards for asset listing criteria, so newly created forks or airdropped tokens are not immediately supported. 

In order to manage airdropped tokens received at your Exodus Tron address, your TRX private keys will need to be used in a wallet that supports the airdropped token.

We discourage using your private keys to claim airdrops as any time your private keys are exposed and used in third-party software, the security of your assets can be compromised. Anyone who gains access to your private key would also have access to the associated tokens.

How do I safely participate in the airdrop?

We advise moving your TRX tokens to a wallet that is supporting the BTT airdrop prior to the airdrop. You can move your tokens back to Exodus after the airdrop has occurred. 

Always do your own research before sending funds to another platform. Exodus does not conduct independent audits of other wallets or platforms. It is up to you to verify their authenticity. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scams and fake platforms eager to steal your funds. Be cautious.

Binance has announced support for the BTT airdrop.

It looks like Trust Wallet will support the BTT airdrop as well.

The airdrop will begin on Feb 11, 2019. More details about the airdrop can be found here.

We have an article with more details on airdrops that can be found here.