How do I enable more assets in Exodus?

Some assets supported by Exodus are not enabled by default. In this example, we're going to enable Dash (GIF) and Aragon (Screenshots).

First, open Exodus and scroll down the asset list in your Portfolio tab. Then click on + Add More. This will take you to the settings tab where you can enable and disable assets in Exodus - you can also directly visit Settings > Assets to enable or disable assets. Note that you cannot disable Bitcoin or Ethereum, or assets that currently have a balance.

Additional note on disabling assets: You can now disable assets with very low balance (dust) or the assets which only have a reserve balance, example: 20 XRP.

Now, if you switch back to the Wallet tab, Aragon should be available:

Starting with version 1.45.0, you can also enable a selection of additional ERC20 assets. Please note, you can use Exodus to send and receive these assets, however, they are not supported in the exchange.

Scroll down to the very bottom of the assets list in settings, click on the Ethereum Assets bar to display available ERC20 assets. All you need to do is click the assets you'd like to display in your wallet.