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I forgot my password.

Because Exodus is a safe for your wealth, for your privacy and protection, Exodus does not store or can not reset your password. This is designed to assure no one obtains or hacks your passwords from Exodus. Your password never stored anywhere except in your position - it is up to you to keep your password safe.

If you forgot your Exodus password, and you no longer have access to your Exodus wallet, you will need to remove your old wallet data folder ( because you are locked out of it ) and restore from backup.

IMPORTANT: Do not remove your wallet data folder if you do not have your 12-word phrase backup! The wallet data folder is where your digital assets are stored and unless you have your backup 12-word phrase you will lose all of your digital assets.

If you have forgotten your password and have your Exodus 12-word restore phrase please follow these steps to restore access to your Exodus digital assets:

1. Quit Exodus

2. Move your old Exodus data directory (The one you are locked out of) to the desktop. The data directory is located in different places depending on if you are on a PC, Mac or Linux.

Exodus Data Directory Locations
Mac: Hard Drive > Users > YOUR-USERNAME > Library > Application Support > Exodus

Windows: C: > Users > YOUR-USERNAME > AppData > Roaming > Exodus

( Windows users may need to show hidden files to access this folder. )

Linux: home > YOUR-USERNAME > .config > Exodus

( Linux users may need to show hidden files to access this folder. On most Linux platforms you can turn on hidden files by typing Control + h )

3. Upgrade Exodus to the latest version

4. Launch Exodus and restore from your 12-word phrase.