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Does Exodus support BIP148 and the UASF?

Last updated: Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

Exodus is designed to allow you to control your own wealth. With this control comes the ability to make decisions for yourself and also have 100% control over your funds - this includes Bitcoin and all assets.

Exodus gives the power to you as a user to decide how you want to proceed in the case of a fork. No matter the decision of Exodus, the software is designed to give you the user total ownership and full autonomy over all assets.

Unlike an exchange or hosted wallet, Exodus gives you the user full control of your private keys. With these private keys you will be able to retain control of both sets of coins when and if a fork takes place.

Since Exodus is a light-wallet that depends upon information from other services like ShapeShift, BlockCypher, and Bitpay Insight Exodus is dependent upon their decisions. Until we know the position of each service, we are unable to give a firm position.

Again, we want to stress, the power of Exodus is it gives you the user 100% control over all assets. No matter what Exodus as a company decides to do in a fork situation you always have and maintain full control and management of your assets.

 Please click on BIP148 or USAF to learn more.