I get an error when I send Ethereum.

If you receive an error when trying to send Ethereum a quick refresh of your Ethereum wallet tends to fix this problem.

  1. Open your Ethereum wallet by clicking on “Wallet” on the left sidebar then choose “Ethereum”.
  2. Mouse over the Ethereum logo and you will see a refresh icon. Click on the refresh icon.
  3. A dialog ask you if you want to rescan the blockchain. Choose "Rescan".

When this process starts, individual transactions are counted and rebuilt. This is very similar to recounting a drawer of money. When the refresh icon is finished spinning you should now be able to send your Ethereum transaction.

This feature was improved in version 1.25.0. If you are using ANY version prior to 1.25.0 it is important to update to the latest version of Exodus then follow the steps above. You can update to the latest version of Exodus by visiting: https://www.exodus.io/releases/

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