I have Dogecoin in my wallet but can't access it

If you have Dogecoin in your wallet and are using Exodus version 1.31.0 or higher, you will need to downgrade to version 1.29.1 from these links:

Windows: https://exodusbin.azureedge.net/releases/Exodus-windows-x64-1.29.1.exe
Mac: https://exodusbin.azureedge.net/releases/Exodus-macos-1.29.1.dmg

You may also want to import your 12 word seed into Jaxx to regain access to your Dogecoin. See this article for an in-depth tutorial:


Although we love the Dogecoin community, Exodus has decided to remove Dogecoin support from the wallet. Unfortunately Exodus is built on support from public Insight servers and Dogecoin does not have the latest updates to Insight which can result in erratic DOGE behavior in the wallet.


For those who do have Dogecoin assets inside of Exodus, releases on and after Sept 14th will no longer include Dogecoin support. You can still continue to use Dogecoin inside of Exodus after Sept 14th, but you'll be limited to version 1.29.1 of Exodus.

Dogecoin removal timeline:
July 6th,2017: Exodus 1.29.0, Dogecoin disabled by default. Still possible to reenable.
Aug 3rd, 2017: Exodus 1.31.0, Dogecoin removed for users without a balance.
Sept 14th,2017: Exodus 1.34.0, Dogecoin removed in this version and all future versions.

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