How do I fix an exchange error?

If you get an exchange error a quick refresh of the asset you were trying to send AND a refresh of the asset you were expecting to receive tends to fix this problem.

For example if you were exchanging Ethereum for Dash refresh BOTH your Ethereum and Dash wallets. Many times the asset you are expecting to receive (in this example Dash) will show up after a manual refresh.

The refresh process is the same for all assets. For example, the steps to refreshing Aragon are shown below.

  1. Open your Ethereum wallet by clicking on “Wallet” on the left sidebar then choose “Aragon”.
  2. Mouse over the Aragon logo and you will see a refresh icon. Click on the refresh icon.
  3. A dialog will ask you if you want to rescan the blockchain. Click the green "Rescan" button.
  4. This refresh process takes a few minutes. Once you refresh BOTH your exchanging and receiving asset you will see your deposit show up or your sending asset will be returned and you can try your exchange again.
If you have any questions, or your exchange is not working,  contact us so we can look into your specific exchange and make sure you are taken care of.

Although this process is rare it does happen occasionally if your assets lose a connection to the network. This simple fix not only brings your wallet back in synch it also properly refreshes all your transaction history to get you to the most up-to-date state. Exchanges can not take place if your wallet is not up to date with the current network state.

If you want to learn more about how exchanges work in Exodus work please see the article. How do I exchange assets in the Exodus knowledge base.

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