Can Exodus safely store large amounts?

Exodus is a software solution to hold and maintain blockchain assets. While Exodus securely encrypts and protects your blockchain assets with a password, it is only as secure as the computer that it resides on and the security practices of the user.

What this means for normal users is if you use Exodus on a day-to-day computer, you have to be very cautious about things you download or websites you visit. Malware and viruses are distributed by emails or malicious website links. This malware could potentially contain keyloggers or spy software that sends your passwords or sensitive information to hackers.

To maximize security, if you are planning on holding a large amount of blockchain assets we recommend a multisig wallet like Copay, a hardware wallet like Ledger or creating offline paper wallets. Although many of these solutions will only hold Bitcoin, they are safe and keep your blockchain assets off your computer.

Exodus is now in talks with hardware providers and looking at implementing additional security options. It is the goal of Exodus to allow users to safely store large quantities of blockchain assets with a high degree of security. However, today Exodus still has more security and testing to implement before this is complete.

Long story short - if you are planning on storing large amounts of blockchain assets we advise looking into alternative options to provide greater security.