Safe Report Data

Starting with version 1.39.3 of Exodus, you can now export all the data required for troubleshooting in an easy and safe way. This export includes the Xpub, your transaction history, the configuration of Exodus (enabled assets, localization, etc...), and your ShapeShift order list.

If you are running an older version of Exodus, you will not see this new menu feature. You need to upgrade first before using this feature! Here is how to upgrade -->

In order to export your Safe Report, you first need to enter the Developer menu:

  • On Windows and Linux, press (Control + Shift + D) for the Developer menu to appear.
  • On MacOS, the Developer menu is located in the Exodus menu next to the Apple Symbol. 

Click on Exodus > Developer > Export Safe Report Data.

After clicking on the button, a zip file named " exodus-report-SAFE-(Date+Time).zip" will appear on your Desktop, in a folder named "exodus-exports".

It contains the following troubleshooting information:

  • The Xpub key or "Extended Public Key", which allows us to view your full wallet history. It is a collection of your public keys - your private keys are not included.
  • The transaction history, which is useful to make sure all deposits were properly credited to your Exodus wallet. This also gives you the peace of mind to make sure your wallet balance is correct.
  • The configuration file shows the version of Exodus you are using, the first version installed and lists the enabled assets in your wallet. This can be useful for troubleshooting with the support team.
  • ShapeShift order list allows us to comb through all your exchange orders. This can be useful when you had a failed exchange.

These data allow our support team to help you better, without compromising your wallet. The safe export option  does not give us (or anyone else) control over your wallet, but lets us inspect your wallet activity. While the exported zip file is not as important or sensitive as your private keys, we recommend deleting it and emptying your trash or recycle bin after sending it to our team. Anyone who has it can fully monitor your wallet activity on the blockchain.